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Being Cautious

Firstly, this isn't a hate thread, nor am I going to proselytize, or start a fight. I believe in multiculturalism, tolerance, and a society where all people are equal. I don't believe that Islam is a threat to our society, but radicalism is.

If you've been watching the news recently then you will have heard about three particular Welsh Muslims from Cardiff going to fight for ISIS in the Middle East.

I wanted to know what everyone thought about these young people from Cardiff, about radical Islam, and what, if any, place it has within our city.

I'm not trying to stir up trouble, or lead a witch hunt, I just want to hear everyone's opinions now that the lens is on our city.

Re: Being Cautious

I don't think cardiff has a problem with race, multiculturalism or extremism at all. Given the number of extremists that turn up I'd say it was bound to happen sooner or later that it would be Cardiffs turn. Nothing more than that really.

I've been to the mosque on Angelina street (or is it Maria street), so have my boys with school. I didn't see any sign of radicalism at all, Just a warm welcome and lots of help when answering questions.

Re: Being Cautious

All I ask is that no one 'pushes their religion down my throat' be it Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or whatever. Find your 'God' wherever you want to look and don't criticise the other guy for not looking in the same place!

Only one thing is going to solve the issue - complete integration. No more hiding behind veils or masks. No more closed communities where those of another faith are not welcome. Utopia, I know.

Regretfully, we are suffering the after-effects of Empire. Everything comes home to roost!

Re: Being Cautious

Things like this happen occasionally more or less everywhere.

Young men can be easy prey to extreme ideas - right or left, religious or secular. They normally end up destroying their own lives and causing heartbreak to their families and friends. It's not an excuse to be complacent- but we have been here before.

In the 1960s there were bomb attacks on the Temple of Peace, the then Welsh Office and Llanishen Tax Offices by the nationalist group MAC.

In 1973 a bomb exploded at the Portugese vice-consulate planted by home-grown anarchists.

In the 1980's Welsh republicans bombed the British Steel HQ in Gabalfa, Tory offices in Whitchurch and the Army Recruitment Office.

It happens from time to time - it's a Police issue not a reason for moral panic.

In passing, the UK government was ready to turn a blind eye to British Muslims going to fight in Libya and, until recently, Syria. In that sense we may be reaping what we have sown.