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Re: Welsh Labour

another Jantra fuelled thread.

you are aware that your IP is recorded when you post. you'll also find that it was not me that started this thread. I've merely commented on it.

Re: Welsh Labour

I find it amusing how many of the "Labour" Cardiff Councillors fail to include membership of the Labour Party on their Declarations Of Interest (isn't that illegal by the way?).

Re: Welsh Labour


Plaid are little better, always blaming those nasty Tories in Westminster for the state of the Welsh economy rather than taking to task Labour for their appalling record in government in Wales.

The fact that if they ever want to win power in Wales they have to defeat Labour in Cardiff not the Tories in London seems to have escaped them.

I have no idea what Welsh news you are watching (none, probably) but we are constantly criticising the record of Welsh Labour. We focus almost entirely on them because the Tories are a political irrelevance in Wales.

I've read some of your manifestos you do like to prattle on about social justice and "the cuts" rather than what Wales needs which is economic growth.