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then we want it here!

City Centre
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Re: PDR / Eastern Bay Link - some movement at last!

Hi Zach,

For me I think it's best not to use derogatory language related to ethnicity on this forum, or anywhere else really. There are usually other ways to write that avoid language with baggage attached.

On the map it has "Rover Way" as "Roath Way"
The WAG (The Assembly) never knowingly in full control of events.

I agree with others this is Half Ar**d. All this traffic will end up in Rover Way and the Tesco traffic light waiting for a big snarl up.

Driving along that road at rush hour two week ago, I was coming in to Cardiff , one of our Gypo Friends had parked his white bashed up van on Rover Way and was feeding his horses (probably one of the Price clan!) This had caused and a complete may-hem for traffic trying to leave Cardiff, I clocked the queues back to the Magic Roundabout.

It must offer a great impression of Cardiff as this is the Millennium Centre sign posted route, Scrap dealers/Gypo encampment, Sewage treatment, disused railway, dust and more dust, road falling to bits. They might think there actually in a John Steinbeck novel.

Re: PDR / Eastern Bay Link - some movement at last!

If you're serious, I think that's a bit tiring,Me.


I thought that Gypo/Steinbeck bit was hilarious....really made me chuckle. Keep them coming,Zach.