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Re: Cardiff\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

To be fair Swansea\\\'s bus station is fairly decent for its purpose abd isn\\\'t there a new one in Newport now? Or is that planned? I\\\'m never that impressed by bus stations anywhere in Europe, although something like at Greenwich North would be great in Carduff, although I doubt we could even achieve that.

Surely they are employing specialists for it\\\'s planning and construction, so the process of asking a few peoples opinions probably isn\\\'t that useful. It needs to be linked to the future tram/metro system, so which ever is best for that would make sense?

southside surely then.

Quite. Unless they want to think about future plans of having it go from south st Mary street via Callaghan sq?

Re: Cardiff\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

It could still be a viable link if the second tunnel in the train station with lift access to the platforms was reconfigured as a through-route. The ticket gates could be located in the lift door recesses instead of either end of the tunnel. I think there would still be space for wheel chairs/prams/luggage etc, although it is not ideal.