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Re: Give this Arriva Trains Wales man a knighthood

No Zach it is not -

Census Results:

Polish - 0.6 per cent or 17,000 people
Welsh - 19 per cent or 562,000 people

Or to put it in other terms 33 Welsh speakers for every Polish speaker.

Re: Give this Arriva Trains Wales man a knighthood

Perhaps focussing on the bilinguality issue helped to take his mind off the piss poor state of the second busiest station in Wales.

Re: Give this Arriva Trains Wales man a knighthood


i've tried many times, see my post in the other thread. the spam filters have gotten the better of me.

Re: Give this Arriva Trains Wales man a knighthood

Quote: Zach
People use English for station announcements because nobody pay attention to the dull monotonous bi-lingual ones.\"

I know logic often goes out of window when the Welsh language is concerned - but that it a ridiculous sentence.

I think you are being the zealot, I wasn\'t diss\'ing the Welsh Language in that sentence, I was making a point when you need to communicate with people quickly and impart information precisely then perhaps its best to to it in English. Plenty of other Opportunities for Welsh to be used.

Would you like all Air Traffic Control instructions over Welsh Air space to be in Welsh?

I find some Welsh speakers incredible biggots. (case in point; your reply!, surprised you did not reply in Welsh)

All Welsh speakers speak English, but not all people in Wales speak Welsh.

I think Polish is Wales second most spoken language now, is it not?

Zach, his reply hardly displayed "zealotry". I'm not a Welsh speaker, nor a fan of the "promotion" of Welsh (I prefer "protection", because "promotion" sounds too activist for me). But, asking for public announcements on services funded to a significant extent via grants from the Welsh govt's block grant to be bilingual is not exactly a revolutionary call. It does not infringe upon the rights of English monoglots.

In this case, it seems Arriva had a good case for not doing them in Welsh - too many announcements in quick succession given the limited platform numbers. And they do have bilingual announcements at other stations - rightly. But they have less excuse for not having them on trains where the speed at which its clapped our bangers travel mean there is plenty of time for bilingual announcements on board!!

I disagree fairly strongly with some Welsh language campaigners' proposals. Implemented in full they would be a threat to English monoglots - far more jobs than is curently the case would be open only to those who spoke Welsh. I do not think the rights of Welsh speakers to speak their language should be so great as to effectively compel non speakers to learn Welsh in order to obtain gainful employment. Nor do I think Welsh should become our primary national language - there is great benefit of it being English in my view.

And I disagree with planning restrictions that only allow Welsh speakers to buy in an area. Or stopping houses being built because of the impact on the Welsh language (I even saw this used in objections re: some developments in Cardiff.. although thats enterprising NIMBYs I guess).

To me, those kind of hard-hitting policies are closer to zealotry. And sometimes are tinged with bigotry too - the implication can sometimes be that if you don't speak Welsh (or want to) you somehow aren't fully Welsh.

Responding in an exasperated way to your flippant comment is hardly zealotry though. And neither is wanting some basic provision in Welsh.