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Bootleg Pet Shop Boys Singles


I have found several LIMITED EDITION and Bootleg REMIXES of Pet Shop Boys singles. If you want to download them from me, email me and you can get it off me. They are not for re-sale so please respect the PSB.

Singles Available:

1) Paris City Boy (Xaylor Dub Mix)
2) Opportunities (Rare 2004 Remix Version)
3) Rent (Rare 2004 Remix Version)
4) The Night I fell in Love (Saint Ken Remix
featuring Eminem)
5) Its a Sin (Possessed Mix)
6) Red Letter Day (Extended Bootleg Mix)
7) Can You Forgive Her (Saint Ken's Remix)
8) Don Juan (Demo Version)
9) EuroBoy (Razormaid mix)
10) Go West (Euro Movement Mix)
11) Metamorphosis (Coming out Mix)
12) Metamorphosis (That Kind of Guy Mix)
13) Nervously (Saint Ken Mix)
14) Rent(Eviction Remix)
15) Was it Worth it (Saint Kens Dub Version)

I am sorry but I have to say Disco 2 and 3 were big disappointments. The only saving grace was the Here Remix but what a waste of money. Remixes like those make my blood boil...

God Save the PSB!

Re: Bootleg Pet Shop Boys Singles

I would love to hear the rare remixes you have listed.
They look awesome as Ive never come across any of them.
Please let me know if I could hear them.
Very much appreciated.
I agree with your comments about Disco 2 and 3 (although 3 is slightly better I beleive).
They should go back to Extended mixes.

(ps PSB are brilliant geniuses.