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Artist: Bjorn Page Hits: 7, 408

Downloads of Music
"What The Night Is For" 3,160
"Everyone Needs Their Space" 2,150
"I Killed The Monkey" 1,241

Current News! (April 23rd 2004)
In the Pop General Chart; "What the Night Is For" # 9
In the Electronica Mellow Chart; "Your Fingers On My Skin" # 5
In the Euro Electronica Chart; "In Your Head" # 14
In the Electronica Electro Chart; "Take Away Heart" # 49
In the Rock Pop Sub Chart; "Foreverlover" # 78

March 1st 2004
In the Electronica Mellow Chart; "I Killed The Monkey" # 3
In the Electronica Mellow Chart; "Everyone Needs Their Space" # 2

Other tracks available as Free Downloads:
"Nothing Like This" and "Can't Get Enough"

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