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"It's A Sin" Question

I got the 16th Edition of the "Guinness British Hits Singles" book for Christmas last year & was looking at the PSB discography & I was wondering if anyone could answer my question.

"It's A Sin" was released on 22 June 1987 & where it has the list of the 942 UK #1s it has the end of it's first week at #1 listed for 4 July 1987! I know that a single stays at a certain chart position for 6 days before moving!

What I was really wondering was: Did "It's A Sin" enter the UK charts at #1 in it's first week???

Also, does anyone know the name of the mix of "It's A Sin" that they performed on BBC1s "PARKINSON" on 3 April this year? I've really been trying to find it, cos I love it!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanx :-)

Re: "It's A Sin" Question

The version of "Its a sin" that they performed on Parkinson was a version from the live set that they performed at The Bar Fly in London.
They were new versions of old songs,that Neil & Chris remixed especially for that one off concert.
They are not available at the moment, and I do not know if they intend to release them in the future.
Hope that helps...
I will let you know on your first question...

Re: Re: "It's A Sin" Question


Thanx a million for your help!

I actually made a mistake on the release date of "It's a sin"! It was 15 June 1987, not the 22nd! I must have been confusing it with "What have I done to deserve this"!

Oh, well...