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Rare PSB stuff for sale

Hi everbody,
hope this isn't offtopic. just wanted you to know, that i'm selling some rare stuff from my collection on ebay.
perhaps someone would like to complete their collection, that's the reason why i post this here to the real fans.
if not interested, just ingore it ;-)

please check this link:


you'll find:
PET SHOP BOYS 7 Samples From Alternative RARE PROMO CD!
PET SHOP BOYS Menagerie Mixes (On-USound) US 12" RARE!!
PET SHOP BOYS Opportunities 1985 1st Issue 12" RARE!!!!
PET SHOP BOYS Paninaro LTD.ED. 85 Italy 12" ULTRA RARE!
PET SHOP BOYS West End Girls 7" ZYX1099 ULTRA RARE!!!

plus many more rare stuff ie depeche mode, erasure, new order,...