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i choose my skin- i dreamed a future psb video

a few years ago i dreamed future me in an appartment overlooking a park, i turn to a nice big screen tv to see a psb video playing, listed on screen as 'i choose my skin'
from the album 'habitat', i was trying to work out who the director was ( if it was similar to any previous psb video) the main chorus couplet was 'i choose my skin, the habitat i live in', about how aesthetic choices or non-choices about appearence send non verbal cues about a person. (thats the song synopsis)
there was an establishing wide shot from outside a large house on a hill zooming slowly and smoothly, to right in through the window where a beautiful couple stood, theyre pretty but melancholy, and the petshopboys stood like ghosts quite separate from the couple performing the song...well neil lipsynching. i remember trying to spot if the shot was real or c.g.
anyway i think the apartment i was in, in the dream is being built soon its called the conservatory on hindmarsh,(they have a website) i know its possible to ask questions on the pet shop's site, i just want to know if the song will come out because i'd love the appartment.
but the psb site gets clogged with the banal.
the dream was about 3 or 4 years ago,
man i just read that all back god im an interesting freak!