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Hello from Sweden

I am a Swedish girl which name is Hanna. I am 31 years old and in november the 18 th. I will become 32. I have bad eye ight and a really small field of vision. That's why I always writes with bold letters. It's much easier to see and read then.
My small field of vision makes me notice small details very precisely, so don't be surprise if I like react very fast at odd things. I have a small field of vision, but the little I see becomes so very extra strong for me. This is nothing I can help, so please understand and take it for what it is. Please don't insult me for this.
I don't speak Spanish, so if you write something in that language, please translate it in English too. It's very tough to see a lots of messages which you can't read just because you don't understand the language. Think if I wrote in Swedish here and you didn't understand the words. How would that feel?

Re: Hello from Sweden

Hi Hanna....would love to know more about you...please e-mail