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Re: Welcome

Welcome to Not Dead Yet Darts! Please feel encouraged to post questions, tips, announcements, etc.
I'm not 70 yet but will be 69 in a few days. After running dart leagues in bronx and Westchester county NY I retired to calabash NC. To my surprise the VFWS and American legions all play darts 1 night a week. The majority of players 70 or older. Most are newbies but once in awhile you get a retiree who was an avid dart player in his youth. If in the myrtle beach area please reach out to me.


That's interesting to learn that there are many newbies over 70. The purpose of the site was to inspire exactly that group. In my league, starting at 70 is rare. Most have played for over 20 years.

Re: Welcome

I've been in Darts for 45 plus years and love your idea. We have had "Jack Benny" Darts here for years and they are great on weekend mornings. Our Jack Beeny players are usually 59 or old now 39 as jack Benny used to say. Great idea!

Re: Welcome

Where are you located? Love "Jack Benny" Darts idea. Would like to hear more about it. Also, any dart tips you might have.