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Re: UK Leave or Stay??

I expect the vote to be a very close call. It appears that the country is divided between political parties and age, with the over 55's predominantly (not all, of course) voting to leave and the younger ages to stay (again, not all!).

At the end of the day the people will vote as they deem right at the time. There will be major issues whatever way it goes and many people will be very upset by the result. I sometimes wish that we all had a lawful duty to vote, like some other countries, but I doubt that this will happen. (It would give an accurate opinion of the people, though!)

I like your idea of an anonymous vote, Steve, but may I respectfully request that comments stop now or it will start to get very messy and possibly hostile, not what this Site is about! Just saying.................!

Where are you from: Northampton (Originally Swindon)

Re: UK leave or stay ...

Having lived the last 36 years in the United States, I really
don't have a dog in this fight (to use a local phrase). However,
having just returned from my annual UK visit. I was amazed at
all the different opinions regarding the up coming vote which
has only one of two possible outcomes. Contributing factors
were age, socio-economic status, nationalistic views, etc, etc.

It's going to be as interesting watching this as it will, watching
the US presidential election ...

I think (Seadogs Forum) is an excellent platform for discussions
of this nature. It any contributor gets out of control, we have a
moderator to remove offensive post etc.

As to the possible next US President, do we really want to give
Mr. Trump the keys to the Nuclear Arsenal ? and his views ?
"We were given language to enable us to conceal our true opinions"
In this situation, mandatory voting in the US would be a god send,
as democrats far out number republicans.

Where are you from: Indianapolis, Indiana.

Re: UK leave or stay ...

I have just cast my postal vote to Remain. Since I left P&O in 1979 I have been fortunate to be appointed MD of several companies over the past 25 years. They have all been 80% export, mainly in marine and avionics but for the last 6 years in the defence industry. The last group I ran had some 1000 staff and at my UK site I had 18 different nationalities and languages. We could not have succeeded without the contribution of our EU colleagues from the former Eastern bloc. They were long term employees, paid taxes, contributed to the local economy and had an exemplary attendance record.
Where I live seems to be heavily Leave biased but the arguments mainly consist of references to the old commonwealth and we survived during the war etc. A reflection of the demographic in this area.
Because of the businesses I ran I also had a role representing the UK industry bodies at the European Marine Safety Agency and on the European Aviation Safety Agency, both requiring time in Brussels. Two incredibly influential bodies formulating standards which the USCG, IMO and the FAA and ICAO are also taking notice of and being influenced by. If we are outside EU we will be a very much weakened voice. My view is its better to be inside the tent with a voice rather than outside trying to be heard.

I believe the vote is too close to call, it's very emotional and I think the politicians are doing a poor job of articulating the issues. My view is the economic arguments far outweigh what I consider are the emotive views of the immigration issue.

Best wishes to all Seadogs.

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Re: UK leave or stay ...

All this business about not being to operate without EU labour is nonsense. We could recruit from anywhere we like in the World, but only those we want.

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Re: UK Leave or Stay??

In addition to my earlier comments regarding the future of Europe, I would add that complete European unity will be very difficult to achieve.
The countries and peoples of Europe have been settled and have had their own traditions, languages, and cultures for thousands of years. These cannot just be cast aside, and will have to be taken into account, much as the Romans did in their conquest of Europe.
It will not be achievable in the same way as it was with the new countries such as the USA and Australasia for instance, where they were starting with a clean sheet, as it were.
But in these difficult times, it is imperative that ALL Europeans unite, as a cohesive force, or we will surely fall.
And, in my opinion, the alternative is unthinkable.

Where are you from: Yorkshire