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Things you never want to hear.

A little light relief.
First thing said many times."I really like you as a friend". (This presumably intended as a compliment!)
Second Is a minefield. "You're starting to get serious, aren't you" .
I defy anyone to answer this honestly or with a straight face. (I take this as a tribute to ones acting ability.)
How the memories come flooding back.

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Re: Things you never want to hear.

How many of us have used "Of course I love you".

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Re: Things you never want to hear.

'We cant, what about your wife /fiancée / girlfriend'

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Re: Things you never want to hear.

One really lovely girl I ran between Sydney and Tilbury on the Himalaya would always lay the photograph of my fiancé face down after entering my cabin and say “I’m not having her looking at me”.

She would often wear a false pony tail hair piece. Coming off watch on one occasion one of the leckies who was pi--ed as f-rt said “I just pulled your girlfriends hair as she passed and it came off in my hand. It was a good job I didn’t pull too hard otherwise I could have pulled her f---ing head off”. I often think of JF when I see girls with pony tails and laugh about the leckies comment.

Roger Monk Ref Engr

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Re: Things you never want to hear.

Along with Kevin's comment there was
"I think I am falling for you"
"You are quite different from all the other girls, someone special"
"This is more than a holiday romance"
I can smile now but those poor girls who fell for the lines.
The one thing I didn't want to hear was on leave from Oriana I received a telegram asking me to ring a London number, thinking it was Uncle Ken I called only to find it was a hotel who were expecting my call. The call directed to a room was answered by a Kiwi lass who started the conversation along the lines of "Glyn, I have come over to England, we can be meet up and carry on seeing each other!"
Spluttering and excuse and apology that I was leaving to join another ship that week and couldn't meet her I did call Uncle Ken immediately after I put the phone down. Luck was on my side and in about four days I was off as relief on Uganda never to see the young lady again.

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