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Todays working reality

Hope this subject is not going to be done to death but there are many factors in todays world. For most of us it's an easy transition to Building Services or Building Operation (Same job different name). However many companies now do NOT employ their own staff directly but prefer to use contractors via specialist employment agencies.I spent the last 5 years of my working life on the books of 3 of these. The contract varies from a casual 4 weeks standing in for someone who goes on leave to 6 months.The main reason being that for the employer,no annual leave, sick pay, superannuation and mainly the ability to terminate at a stroke.Makes it an attractive proposition. Complicated process to sack a regular employee under Australian unfair dismissal laws. Job security,as most of us understand it is a thing of the past.

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Re: Todays working reality

I think your right on both counts Graham. The transition from seagoing engineering to Building Services is not difficult, at sea it was hotel services really, it use to be hospital engineers were mainly ex seagoing. One of the big change in FM mind you is the contracting out of the services in its entirety. Hospitals, schools and large institutions let the package out to companies like Engie(French Provider) who are only interested in a profit and not the lifecycle. From soft FM, catering and hard FM it is all back to the savings they can make. Dan the Jan at school is a thing of the past and on the odd occasions they do exist modern building services and automated controls (BMS) are totally beyond their training and capabilities
The drive from PAYE on the books employees to agency is also gaining ground here, possibly more so in FM than construction, it allows the employer to resource for peaks without any problems of reducing staffing for the troughs. Half of my staff are through an agency and as work is slowing it was an easy decision to get rid of one at the end of the month as there, as you say, is no hassle it's just "I will not need you from the 2nd October"
I must say they are paid reasonable well £300 a day average and most have their own companies to work at minimising tax etc.
As the work is currently drying up and one can sense there will be 'a rationalisation' soon there is a voice at the back of my head that says, stay put as PAYE and if you are fingered take the money then go agency as a consultant at 3 days a week. I know a few guys have done that and not really looked back particularly as once you 'cross the rubicon of 60 years young jobs are harder to find.

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