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Russian Warships

There has been some fun in The English Channel today.
Bit of a show of strength by Vladimir Putin.

Don't know who was in the Boiler Room, but the aircraft carriers was making a bit of black smoke. lol.

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Re: Russian Warships

Hi Geoff

I could have laid £10 on this observation being made by one of the ex Char Sahibs (4ths) on this site.

Do you think she’ll make it to the Gulf? There was also mention of a Russian tug on the news. Was it getting ready for a tow?

Roger Monk

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Re: Russian Warships

Apparently her engines are in a poor state of repair, due to their neglect, hence the tug.
Our problem is the fire power she has is about the equivalent of our entire military due to our neglect.

Where are you from: Yorkshire

Re: Russian Warships

You are right Roger , maybe the previous watch forgot to put the atomisers back in the burner bars . that happened to me on the Chusan . I expect it was some rubbish Russian oil, or maybe they were blowing tubes trying to pollute our fresh air .
A.T.B Pukka Char Sahib.

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