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Steve could you please tell us what happened to the clocks,they where so handy to me,my son lives in Scotland and my cousin lives in Vermont US and as I am always on the phone to them I always checked the time first to make sure it was not inconvenient you know day or night I can not tell these days must be my cataracts playing up, thanks.

Where are you from: cornwall uk now vic aust

Re: clocks


Hi Peter, I had a problem with the analog clocks as they were designed in the old "Flash" technology. Let me know what you think of the new idea, just hover your mouse pointer over wherever you want to check and it will show you the time.

I like the new clock link, very good.

Where are you from: Yorkshire

Re: clocks

thanks Steve the new clock is fantastic

Where are you from: cornwall uk now vic aust

Re: Clocks

Really like the new clocks ...

Where are you from: Indianapolis, Indiana.

Re: clocks

Hi Steve, I also think the new clock arrangement is good but although it certainly doesn't bother me, this also appears to be flash based, all you have to do is view your site with a flash friendly browser like puffin.

Where are you from: Sydney Australia

Re: clocks

My computers say that a Plug-In is required.

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