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significant day

Gentlemen, A little self indulgence. On this day in 1939 I was born!According to my calculator that makes me 77! Much water has passed under the bridge but I recall with absolute clarity my eight years at sea. I would have considerable trouble in remembering what I did two months ago. I suspect that puts me with the vast majority on this site. Those were the days my friends!

Where are you from: originally Gosport now Campbelltown

Re: significant day

Best wishes for your birthday...did you know that Archie Anderson ex V/O...Oriana & Canberra hails from Campbelltown!!

Where are you from: Nynehead

Re: significant day

My significant day was actually Dec 8th, two days ago. I celebrated my 43 wedding anniversary to the girl I met on cruise, November 1972, on Himalaya from Sydney to Pago Pago etc, when I was 3R/O. I stayed at sea for a further 6years and came ashore to University and a degree in electronics. My wife, Marianne, retired from her job as a lawyer 3 years ago and I left my last job nearly 2 years ago as MD of a company called Chemring Defence. I'm now a part time flying instructor and volunteer Civilian Instructor with the RAF teaching air cadets flying and navigation. My other job is caddying for my wife who loves her golf.

We're spending New Years Eve with Mike Gold, his partner Lynda, and John McMullen. Looking forward to a good SOPU and no doubt loads of reminiscing.

Best wishes to all Seadogs for 2017 and onwards

Robert (Bob) Hill

Where are you from: West Mersea Essex

Re: significant day

Happy birthday Graham, I did't realise you were THAT old.I am still a youngster at 71 then!

Where are you from: Stubbington, UK