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A Weird Mob

My last job before retirement was 18 years as one of the 10 Refrigeration Lecturers at a North London College. The 10 consisted of the following nationalities

1 Indian
1 Sri Lankan
1 Iraqi Kurd
1 Hungarian
1 Irishman
5 Englishmen

So lunchtime discussions were quite diverse.

The Indian guy use to keep my Hindi pronunciation (learnt with P&O) up to scratch.

Two of the English guys were ex Royal Engineers who kept us amused with their army stories plus their very wide knowledge of engineering which included the 3,4,5, dimensions of a triangle to give a 90 deg angle for bridge building.

One English guy had been a 2nd Engineer with Bank Line and never stopped talking about Doxford diesel engines.

Another English guy, who had been a Junior Engineer with Cable and Wireless and whose ship had been a steam reciprocating cable layer. He was an ex Scunthorpe Steel man.

The last Englishman was me, a P&O Refrig Engineer who, if cut in half would have J&E Hall stamped right through the middle and had sailed both on motor and steamships.

With the above three guys the lamp never stopped swinging in the staff room.

With very best wishes for Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all you Seadogs.

Roger Monk

Where are you from: Dartfrd Kent