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Things you suddenly remember

Doing my rounds on SS Strathmore, checking the 45+ refrigeration units I visited one of the Pantries where I met an old school mate who was a bedroom steward, which was quite a surprise. From then on it was a regular cup of tea, toast and a chat

At the beginning of that voyage a new telephone operator joined and she was a really gorgeous blonde. One of the Senior Engineers made a play for her but it didn’t seem to go very far and we just didn’t seem to see much of her around.

Some years later after I’d swallowed the anchor I met my old school mate (the bedroom steward above) and he said I think you know my wife which of course was the same, still gorgeous, blonde, telly-op.

It seems that lots of gold braid on your arm doesn’t necessarily make you an Adonis.

Roger Monk Ref Engr 58/61

Where are you from: Dartfrd Kent