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Mike Williams Memories

Mike, saw you on sea dogs, if you remember when you were on Iberia I was 2nd Refrig eng
you were 3rd Refrig I think. We both had first class cabins,I had the outboard cabin you had the inboard just forward of the engineers accommodation. the photo of you with 2 engineers in the boiler room was not taken on Chusan but on Iberia. The bloke on the extreme left is George Glesinger then Snr 4th eng. the bloke in the middle was called Peter ?????, but known as the Milky Bar Kid as he had served his apprenticeship at
Cadbury or some other sweet manufacturer. Neither sailed on any other ship except Iberia The SB on Georges boiler suit stand for Steve Bowie who had left the Company. As by the photo Iberia boiler suits were not worth taking off the ship. If there had been bilge rats on Iberia they would have worn boiler suits.I was sent to Canberra after Iberia and was pulled up for wearing a dirty boiler suit on watch, this believe it or not was my Iberia ''Mess'' boiler suit. You may remember the First Refrig was called Paddy Long (He died about 20 years ago) he once turned the watch's out at 6am (I was 12 TO 4) to demonstrate what the size of rag issued to the Ogwallah,s should be!!!The Crap we used to take in those days
Many years later I was Operations Director of Trane UK and Paddy worked under me as a Technician I never ever let forget the rag as I would always ask was he wasting rags on site. Hope your well

Where are you from: Walton -on-Thames

Re: Mike Williams Memories

Hi John

Below is a comment I made back on 15 Oct 2013

Hi to all the ex-seagoing men out there.

Looking at the photographs on the above site, I noted one of the main fridge flat supposedly on the Chusan. It clearly shows vertical monobloc J&E Hall compressors (e.g. Arcadia/Iberia). The Chusan had J&E Hall horizontal CO2 compressors in the main fridge flat as did the Himalaya. It also surprises me that the Paniwallah was from Goa, as usually they came as a complete crew from Pakistan like the Peshawar region.

I think we should have been detectives not Barph Sahibs. (Hindi barph = ice if you've forgotten).

All the best

Roger Monk Ref Engr 58/61

Carthage, Surat, Perim, Strathmore, Himalaya, Somali

Where are you from: Dartfrd Kent