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Fun Memories

I have many fun memories, so here's a few;

After we left Vancouver and the Typhoid we were given pills in the following ports, eg Honolulu, Yokohama, etc where they all wanted to give us stool tests to check for possible infection, We were given pills which if we were carrying it would turn them green. Several wags decided to pop baby gherkins in the sample bottles. One of our lot was badly affected by the tablets and got the trots. So bad he had to dive down from the bridge only to discover all the toilets had been locked all the way down to the Stadium Deck. Childish schoolboy pranks but at the time we thought it hilarious.

We had hooks on the outside of our cabin doors to hang an OOW sign when we were in port so people knew who was duty officer in the relevant dept. At sea ours were used for a different sign. It was a wooden plaque with a card stuck to the front with a picture of a dragon and the words "Hear you've been dragon around". On the reverse side of the plaque was a roll of shame with your name being the latest if you'd been caught wheeling in a dragon! It was quite difficult explaining the meaning to some poor female on departure. It remained yours till you could pass it on to a new offender.

One of our lot (no names but he'll know if he reads this) was wheeled in for a matinee session and wouldn't come out for a lunchtime pour out. We phoned Chippie and requested a container of cockroach spray and proceede to pump it into the unsociable couples' slated door. After fits of coughing the lady discretely departed down the side stairs under the No1 lifeboat and the officer turned up at our pourout wrapped in a towel with a large grin.

OTP (over the pipes parties) primarily based around the Baby Docs cabin and often combined with a Toga party in the C Deck hospital area.

For some reason we had a dead rabbit which appeared hung over someone's sink cabinet. For about a week it went walkabout round the officers deck, appearing in different cabins. Even if we'd locked our doors we weren't sure if it would appear because we think it had a master key. Anyway, after a while it must have gone overboard.

Cling film in the WAP loos, probably one other ships aswell as the Big O.

Pity we all had to grow up, or maybe we haven't.

There certainly doesn't seem to be anything like this sort of horseplay on the ships these days.