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Happy Belated 82nd Birthday

Neil Whitmore (aka Bob) 82 years old in January 2017.

This is how I remember him as the maître d'hôtel on the Big O (1970's).

Neil tells me he had a slight stroke last year, which affected his left leg and foot, but he's now on the road to recovery and is still running his cruising news and travel website.

Where are you from: Perth, Western Australia

Re: Happy Belated 82nd Birthday

Belated Happy Birthday. There were a few officers used to meet up for a drink in The Gunport Arms after dinner in the Aft Restaurant . Bob was there along withAllistair Mac Callum was a catering DP . I was 1st Eng Off at the time always ate down aft as the Chief Eng always ate in the Ford Rest for some reason .Even The Old Man used to take his turn eating down aft . A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. About 32years since I left the Big O and the sea .Happy Days!

Where are you from: Silloth Cumbria UK