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Was looking at the journeys of the ship to hopefully establish the exact dates of my trip on it during 1969.

Joined the Ship at Suva when it was on a round trip cruise out of Sydney, with a subsequent stop at Noumea . Leaving Sydney 3 days later it became a journey to London stopping at Melbourne Adelaide Perth Durban Capetown Tenerife ?Rotterdam Tilbury.

Was due to go up to Uni for first year, and think spent three weeks in London before doing so. A recollection of a 7 week journey? Which suggests leaving Suva June/July?

In my father's papers, it suggests he went on a cruise early July to Sydney on SS Mariposa, but he was definitely in Suva when I left.

If this helps fill in some of the blanks on the schedule on the website, would be pleased to hear?

Where are you from: GB

Re: Himalaya

I would have thought it would be Lisbon rather than Tenerife.

Would they have had the required bunkering facilities in Tenerife?

Where are you from: Yorkshire

Re: Himalaya

We stopped for bunkers at Las Palmas Gran Canaria a couple of times during late 60's on Arcadia. When visiting Tenerife we anchored off.