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I'm Puzzled

I know that this isn't the end of the world but something is puzzling me.

When I log into this website on my laptop PC, "last updated" on the home page says "14 June 2017" but when I log in on my mobile phone, it says "29 April 2017".

How can this be when it's the same website?

Where are you from: Bilgola - Sydney Northern Beaches

Re: I'm Puzzled

Hi Greg! Perhaps your mobile is too slow!! My computer says the 14th June and the April date was in fact the previous update before Steve took his break!

Cheers, David.

PS Hope you are enjoying all the rain you are having whereas we are again nearly in a drought situation. Sunny days and cold nights.

Where are you from: Woodford Green Essex and now Aireys Inlet Victoria Australia

Re: I'm Puzzled

You're right Steve

All I had to do was touch the Update thing at the top of the page and it was right. Thanks.

Where are you from: Bilgola - Sydney Northern Beaches