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Many times people have asked me where I would like to go back to or what was my favourite place to visit, my answer was always either Alaska or South Pacific, well now I can go for the first time since 1977 back to Alaska this time with my wife Gill. Who knows one day it will be my other choice. We are going on Island Princess from Vancouver in September.
Lets hear where other readers would like to return to.

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Re: Re-visiting

Alaska was my favourite place on the old Sun Princess 1979 -1984 .Thegood old days. The walks to the Lower lake then refreshment in The Red Onion saloon . Then the girls in their old fashioned dresses when they met the ship as it docked. Quite impressive

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Re: Seadogs - Thur 2nd Mar 2017

Italy ...

Visited several ports while on the Uganda

Returned to Italy in 2011 with the family
Milan a few days, Florence a few days,
a week in Chianti (San Paolo) a week in

Would like to go again

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Re: Re-visiting

I've revisited a few places since retiring, New Zealand, Sydney, Hong Kong and Capetown plus a few around Europe but would like to visit Vancouver. I didn't get there many times and never managed to get a run ashore so would like to, possibly next year.

Re: Re-visiting

I always loved San Francisco. Have been back once since I left P&O. This year (September) I'm going with my wife to Vancouver. Flying to Calgary then driving over the Rockies in a campervan to Vancouver.

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Re: Re-visiting

When I decided to swallow the anchor I was torn between Cape Town, Vancouver, San Francisco and Sydney. I have been back to all the other cities after I had taken up an offer to work ashore at Orient Line's Head Office in Sydney.

I don't regret that move even now after some 60 years in Australia! Fortunately my sea and shore work has enabled me to visit over 80 countries. After Australia my favourites are Italy and France where I could live if I had to! Unfortunately those lotto numbers just don't seem to come up!

Cheers, David.

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Re: Re-visiting

April 1959 SS Strathmore.

Leaving the South Pacific Ocean and passing through the Heads and entering Sydney Harbour. To see the panorama of the city gradually spread out before you was one of the most fantastic sights I’ve ever seen. Moving down the harbour and passing the old tram depot where the Opera House now stands, past Circular Quay then under the Coat Hanger and then swing port to go and berth at Pyrmont. Passing under the bridge always gave me goose bumps and this I did no less than 20 times.

As strange as it may seem my Technical School Badge included an image of Sydney Harbour Bridge together with a pair of outside callipers surrounding a ball, the portcullis of Westminster and the city wall. One of the guys involved with Dorman Long and the bridge construction was a former pupil at my school.

After forty odd years I visited Australia and New Zealand and when I arrived in Sydney I just felt automatically at home.

On leaving NZ we flew to Sydney for our flight home and I can honestly say I could have cried at the thought of leaving OZ. Luckily I’m still in contact with two lovely ladies who I met when I was at sea and it’s great to hear that lovely accent which I love.

Another unforgettable place was entering San Francisco from the North Pacific. However in the early 60’s the only way to visit Alcatraz was as a prisoner.

Roger Monk

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