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Owner ship of a black dog

Owning a black dog whether you want one or not is a daunting time. For me I never thought the day would come, I had a good outlook on life supplied by P&O cruise ships so there was never a thought of being a dog owner far less a black one.I have never in my 73 years felt so alone, depressed, anger and a life of despair. I had lots of friends so very close all offering all kinds of advice from " get agrip of your self" things will turn out fine you wait and see, they don't The one to sort you out is you otherwise the black dog will be constantly
nipping at your heals. Days and night lying awake sweating, shaking thinking how to end it, my choice was my 2 down syndrome son and daughter and the move to Gibraltar. Gib a bunkering port so all kinds of ships from floating hotels none are identifiable anymore so it is away of logging their arrival and departure.This keeps the black dog at bay for the time being along
with the help fron a great female doctor and a constant supply of day at time, lots of bunkering days from 155000 tons plus of floating hotels to smaller Fred Olson ships. Ill get there cos I want to
Greig Stewart

Where are you from: Scotland, Spain now in Gibraltar

Re: Owner ship of a black dog

Hi Archie

Just to take your mind off things for a bit.

Looking back at your Seadog’s info I saw your Testimonial of Service as 3rd Refrigerating Engineer on the Pendennis Castle.

During my last year of apprenticeship (1958) with J&E Hall’s I was one of the fitters who built the “Veebloc” compressors for that vessel. From memory I think she had three 7" x 5 1/2" 6 cylinder compressors, correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway I hope they served you well.

I also saw that you were on the “Happy Ship”. I have a couple of pictures of the original Chusan’s fridge flat with those four gorgeous horizontal CO2 compressors.

While in Hong Kong on the Himalaya in the late 60’s I visited the Chusan and had a look at the steam driven a/c set up at the bottom of No 3 hatch. Our’s was at the bottom of No 4 hatch aft of the engine room hence we had 2 x 1st, 2 x 2nd and 2 x 3rd Ref engineers for the two separate fridge flats.

On my last trip on the MV Somali (early 61) we loaded a full cargo of frozen fish from a Japanese trawler mother ship on the coal wharf at Gibraltar which we discharged in Kobe. Strange to take a fridge cargo outward bound. I had a look around this Jap vessel’s freezing plant which was “v” compressors using ammonia as the refrigerant and it was strange to see all the gauges and labelling in Japanese symbols.

Hope the above has brought back some happy memories and I sincerely hope you can soon tame that black dog and eventually have it put down.

Best wishes

Roger Monk