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My apologies to those who feel offended by what was intended as a light hearted post,NO offence was intended. I sailed with many Scottish Engineers almost all of whom were turfed out on completion of their apprenticeship and who made a huge contribution. I was born in Dunfermline (Fife)but left soon afterwards as it was difficult to learn the language.I do have a photo of myself in a kilt but on mature consideration will leave it to the imagination.Hoots Mon!

Where are you from: Gosport originally now Campbelltown N.S.W

Re: scotsmen

Hi Graham, I never took offense, I consider myself a Fifer although born in Stirling I grew up in Newburgh(Fife) I still have some family in Dunfermline, been there many times.

Where are you from: South Australia

Re: scotsmen

I'm sure everyone knew that your post was tongue in cheek and no offence meant.

It got some action going in the Forum.

Where are you from: Bilgola - Sydney Northern Beaches

Re: scotsmen

The worst engineer I ever sailed with was a Scotsman. He was a pain in the bum and totally useless...

The best engineer I sailed with, who mentored me so well? A Scotsman - C/E Alexander McEwan Stephenson, in Canadian Pacific Steamships.

We had the "Akasaka Open Championships" going, where I was paired with him as 2/E in the Golf round, which we won. We then went on to the table tennis round, which I had got rather good at having beaten the sparky who was probably our best player (so we thought). I came up against the Chief in my round, and asked him which bat he would like "Any bit of wood will do" says he, and commences to rest his gut on his end of the table and thrash me into the ground without moving. White, sweat-soaked and shaken I asked him about his prowess - "Grangemouth Amateur Tennis Table Champion 1970", says he.

Next is badminton down one of the holds. Once again he thrashed me at this too, and I was the best player on the ship (or so I thought). "Grangemouth Amateur Badminton Champion, 1971" says he as I slumped exhausted against the bulkhead.

He also won at darts and drafts and just about everything else in the tournament.

Back to work, and I'm down below knee deep in indicator cards trying to get a decent draw card when he eases me to one side and takes a perfect card... "Don't tell me" says I, "Yes" says he "Grangemouth Amateur Draw Card Champion 1972..."

What a guy to sail with - never forget him. And as he used to say, "The Industrial Revolution was started by Scotsmen" and if you look it up, it's true...

Where are you from: UK - Living in Paradise (Philippines)