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Oriana, why DC.

I think I remember a previous post on here with a reason or theory why Oriana was built as a DC ship but don't remember the answer.
I was told that one reason was for pump motor speed control to control flow, this is invalid as there were many refineries and other factories that used motor operated valves to control flow.
The original installation was possibly cheaper, i wouldn't have thought so, but the extra maintenance cost would have outweighed this.
Does anyone know the true reason?

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Re: Oriana, why DC.

I suspect the reason was tradition, I believe the Oriana was the last D.C. ship built in the UK. It always amazed me how much of the DC was converted into AC and how variable the frequency was! I bought a clock radio from the ships shop, one of those where time is displayed on drop down flags the time keeping was up to 2 hours fast or slow per day.

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