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I am reminded this day is the anniversary of sailing from Southampton upon my first voyage in ORIANA in 1970 and taking the call on the Bridge that there was a fire in the Boiler Room. We were just approaching the turn off Calshot. There followed a mammoth struggle with the result in doubt for several hours until the assisting tugs fire hoses finally triumphed and the ship was towed back into three weeks in wet dock with all passengers retained onboard for that time.
Vale Willie Demster and his team of heroes for their valiant efforts that terrible day.

Where are you from: Essex UK.


Yes Mike, it was my first trip too. Down in the engine room the fire seemed to rage for hours. When it was finally out, I was asked by the S2E (because I was relatively clean) to go up to the bridge to tell Captain Cutler that the fire was out. I remember blurring out the news to the Captain and heading back down below.

Where are you from: Bilgola - Sydney Northern Beaches