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Cargo Ships

For many of us the prospect of sailing on a cargo ship would be a retrograde step after the Gin and Sin of the big white liners.I give you the following scenario and the names have been changed. Captain."Good morning Jackson I understand you were reluctant to leave the passenger world but we have a pretty good social life here too". "On Monday we have play reading." "Not my forte" said Jackson. "Wednesday we have formed a glee club do you sing? I am a basso proffundo"."Sorry sir,I don't sing" said Jackson."Friday we will be in port and away with the local girls,that should appeal"? I have given up women for life" said the desperate Jackson. "Good lord Jackson, Don't tell me your queer". "No sir" said Jackson. "In that case Jackson, I don't think you will enjoy Sundays very much either".

Where are you from: Gosport originally now Campbelltown N.S.W

Re: Cargo Ships

Hi Graham

The first paragraph of your article brought back a very sad moment. I had spent nearly a year on the lovely white ship Strathmore as 2nd Ref Engr on the Aussie run, then a year on the Himalaya on the Pacific run. My final trip on Himalaya as Supy 1st Ref Engr was great and with all the knowledge gained on steam turbine driven centrifugal compressors and all the steam auxiliaries I was looking forward to the next trip.

On arrival at Tilbury on 31 Jan 61 I was presented with a letter which said join the MV Somali as 1st Ref Engr and I sailed for Japan on 4 Feb 61. Yes I got my promotion but a couple of days later I could have cried when the Iberia passed us with all those lovely female passengers onboard. All I had for company was two CO2 compressors.

Anyway the gang onboard were a great bunch and with twin Doxfords there was always plenty to do which included me and the leckies getting involved.

By the way the rest of your article was a great laugh.

All the best

Roger Monk

Carthage, Surat, Perim, Strathmore, Himalaya, Somali.

Where are you from: Dartford .Kent

Re: Cargo Ships

Hi Roger. Thanks for your observations.I spent most of my time on passenger ships but also sailed on three Cargo vessels;(not P&O). One phrase in your reply sums it up . "They were all a great bunch"; and it rounded out my time at sea. No one should feel diminished by going to Cargo ships and it is not a retrograde step - merely another aspect of life at sea.

Where are you from: Gosport originally now Campbelltown N.S.W