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Cruise liners or floating blocks of flats

I watch the cruise ships docking in Gib every day and each one is alike except for the funnels. They arrive around 8am and depart between 2 and 4 pm after taking on bunkers and stores.
They off load around 1000 to 3000 passengers so they can buy duty free cameras booze etc
My time at sea you just had to look at a ship and identify it not any more , I guess the ship builders start with a square metal box then stick the bridge / funnel and all the extras on to most are quite ugly. Any way I should not complain as it gives a 73 year old something to pass the time. Speaking to some of the officers and crew some of the ships are DRY ships not like in our days.

Where are you from: Brechin Scotland now living in Gibraltar

Re: Cruise liners or floating blocks of flats

It's all about how many people they can get on and how much money they can get out off them. If I went on a cruise it would be with Silversea. It's expensive but once you've paid you don't pay for anything else as it's all inclusive and they only have small ships

Re: Cruise liners or floating blocks of flats

Just done a cruise to Alaska on Island Princess, the ship was big but really comfortable, not over crowded, plenty of room for all everything on offer was exceptional, even had a room dedicated to P&O history, I must say I thought it was a better ship than the P&O blocks

Where are you from: Margate