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Re: Update

I'm afraid that I have to question the itinerary for the Arcadia in 1973, I joined in Soton just before Xmas in 72 and we sailed out to Australia via Panama and did a Cherry Blossom cruise from Sydney and back via Brisbane. The itinerary has gone wrong by now, I left the ship in San Fransisco on the 6/7/1973 the day after the famous photo was taken of the passing of the Arc and Spirit of London under the Golden Gate Bridge. No way did he ship return to the UK in April.
My memory is foggy but my dates come from my Seamans Discharge book.

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Re: Update

Hi Ian,

If you want to find out Arcadia's "True" itinerary for that voyage .contact guildhall library @ they hold all the voyage record cards of all the sailings.
Attention Jeanie Smith - Maritime Dept.
She helped me in completing my seafaring history and that included the adjusted itinerary of the Oronsay back in 1967 so no doubt she will have the Arcadia's information for you.
Their is a small charge for this service but well worth it.

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