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Help Writing A Book

Can anyone help me?

I am having a character in a novel travel from Sydney to UK on the SS Oriana in 1967 (last voyage through Suez - when was it closed?). I want this young woman to get a job on the ship, steno/typist/telephonist. How would she do this? Was there an office for Orient lines in Australia? What would life on board be like for the 3 weeks or so she was on the ship? Did the crew have their own "club" to socialise in? What were the cabins like for crew? Activities for passengers? Any help greatly appreciated.

Where are you from: Sunshine Coast

Re: Help Writing A Book

Hi Heather,

I can answer one question immediately. Egypt closed the Suez Canal on 5th June 1967 at the beginning of the six-day war with Israel.

Give me a few days and I can probably rake up a bit more information for you, as I have a friend who served as a Beautician in Orsova in 1959/1960 and she would know quite a bit of what you are asking.

I do know, however, that Orient Line did, indeed, have an office in Sydney and given time I can probably give you some details on that too. I assume your character is Australian and hoping to join in Australia?

Best regards,

Re: Help Writing A Book


further to my previous post, I have found the intinerary of a voyage in Oriana sailing from Southampton 1st November 1966, calling USA, Australia etc., returning Soton 27th January 1967, which may be of help to you. If you'd let me have your e-mail address I will correspond directly. Mine is:

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