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Arcadia llifeboat

What happened to cause Arcadia's lifeboat to drop into the sea in Ponta Delgado before Christmas? Looks as though the hull fabric failed somehow at the suspension points. I do have some pics sent by a passenger.

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Re: Arcadia llifeboat

I remember a Lifeboat launching itself on the Oriana in 1976, saw it fly past the restaurant window while having lunch, we were only a few hours out of Southampton, didn't stop just picked up a replacement next day, blame was put on some sort of quick release device.

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Re: Arcadia llifeboat

This article was dated 6th Jan 2018. Thankfully no serious injuries.
Five P&O Arcadia crew members were injured yesterday when a lifeboat fell into the sea. The cruise ship was docked at Ponta Delgada, Azores when a terrible accident occurred during a routine lifeboat drill. All five injured crew members were inside the lifeboat. One crew member with broken ribs was taken to local hospital for further treatment. He was then returned to ship. The other four crew members were lightly injured with cuts and bruises and been treated onboard.

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Re: Arcadia llifeboat

In the old days lifeboat drill could be a pig.
Getting the hand cranked engines started on a cold morning up in Alaska or somewhere was not the definition of fun. lol.

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Re: Arcadia llifeboat

Oriana lifeboat, i was on board in 1976, i was sure the lifeboat fell off while cruising in one of the Norwegian Fjords. we picked up an old Himalaya lifeboat when we returned to Southampton if my memory serves me correctly.

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Re: Arcadia lifeboat

Ref the Oriana lifeboat, I was on watch at the time, Bilge Junior, and I think Jungle Jim was in the boiler room. We were flat out going up to North Cape and the boats had been swung out to get them ready for the following days boat port. It is believed that the bowsing tackle had been put on too tight on the boat in question and it had taken the weight off the forward fall allowing the block to become unhooked. The bridge just rang stop when it happened so the Third Ian ? shut the throttles. Which upset Jungle in the boiler room, 4 boilers on and nowhere to put the steam. After some verbal abuse the Bridge rang Slow Ahead which allowed some steam to be consumed although I believe all 4 sets of safeties still blew for something like 20 minutes with only one small burner in each boiler. I'm told we went back to the boat that fell off and found it upside down. There was some concern as the two MEOs (Dave Oakes and Bunny Warren ?) could not initially be found but it turns out that they had each gone to a crash boat to warm up the engines. There was talk of trying to put two fo'csle cranes on one side and try to recover the boat but that proved impossible as the cranes had not been moved for ages and every thing was rusted solid. Once every one had been accounted for, the boat was abandoned to Norwegian fishermen and a new davit arm and boat were waiting for us when we got back to Soton.

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