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Mick Gibb - Chef

Taken in 1974 (Discharge Book Photo)

Taken in 1974 (Discharge Book Photo)

Hi, I'm trying to help my father locate his old crew mates. His name is Michael Gibb (aka Mick). He served on Oriana 1965, Canberra 1966, Himalaya 1974 and Oriana 1976-1977. The names he recalls are Mick Dodds, Alan Gilbert and John Burgess but there are many others that he can't recall the names. He was a chef known as the fish cook. If you can be of any help I and he would really appropriate it.

Many thanks.

Keith Gibb

Where are you from: UK

Re: Mick Gibb - Chef

Try Canberra / Oriana facebook pade

Where are you from: Margate