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Joseph Magri name is Michelle Magri.i was just hoping and praying, that there might be someone out there that knew or worked with my father.Joseph Magri.he was in the Merchant Navy for 25 years.then went on to work for P+O.i know he worked on the Sea Princes, Orianna and the Canberra.he was a Chief and mother used to come and stay on the ships he worked on and had many fond Father Joseph sadly passed away in 1984, from lung cancer.he was Maltese.he met my mother when he was ported in Portland, Dorset, England.i would love to get in touch with anybody that knew him.i would be beyond grateful.thank you.

Re: Joseph Magri

Perhaps a bit more information required Michelle. Any idea what years your Dad served on these 3 vessels ? I was on Canberra late 70's - early 80's, but can't say I remember him. If you gave some idea of the timeline, it may jog other's memories. Good luck.

Where are you from: Belfast ( now Vancouver )