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August 1959 Cruise from Sydney

I’m hoping that someone out there has a long memory. In August 1959 the SS Strathmore did a cruise from Sydney calling at Tonga, Fiji, (passing Lord Howe and Norfolk Island), Brisbane, Wellington, Akaroa, Picton and Hobart, then back to Sydney. What I would like to know is the correct order of the ports of call.

We carried two extra fibreglass motor lifeboats on the Tourist Deck to supplement our two motor lifeboats for the shore excursions. You could not expect fee paying passengers to use the Fleming Gear on our remaining 14 or so hand propelled lifeboats. I clearly remember the swell while ferrying the passengers ashore at Nuku’alofa with some feeling queasy on the short trip.

Entertainment was whatever they could get the passengers to do plus music from our trio of musicians who were kindly referred to as the “Prickly Heat Trio”. How cruising has changed.

After that is was back to loading hundreds and hundreds of frozen sheep carcases, boxed beef, boxed rabbit, cheese, tinned eggs, etc, in Sydney and Melbourne for the run home.

At that time I was the 2nd Ref Eng on the Strathmore with a great 1st Ref Eng named Hector Stewart.

Roger Monk Carthage, Surat, Perim, Strathmore, Himalaya, Somali