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Spirit of London

D one the Maiden Voyage on her 1972/73 did she end up on the TV Series The Love Boat?????

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Re: Spirit of London

brian richards
D one the Maiden Voyage on her 1972/73 did she end up on the TV Series The Love Boat?????
She appeared very briefly as the "Loveboat", probably in the pilot episode. The role was then taken over, almost exclusively, by Pacific Princess.

Spirit of London as Sun Princess did, however, feature in one episode of the detective series, "Colombo", where quite a bit of the footage is actually shot onboard. Interesting to see if you can find it.

Re: Spirit of London

My recollection is that as Sun Princess she starred in the first full length film of the Love Boat which may have been made as a pilot. I was a passenger on her in 1977 and it was shown in the cinema on the first night of a cruise to Alaska.

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Re: Spirit of London

As you say, Pacific Princess was the "star" of The TV series The Love Boat, but I believe that scenes were also filmed on Island Princess and Sun Princess (as the Spirit of London was by then) dependant on which ship was in L.A. and what the filming schedule was

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Re: Spirit of London

I was on Pacific Princess when some of the filming was done for the Love Boat. It was only the outside deck shots that were filmed onboard. The interior shots were all done ashore in a studio.

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Re: Spirit of London

I was on PP when filming was done in the Pacific Lounge, Dave Shotton PRS was used as an extra to serve drinks at a table by the portside windows in the bar lounge. I think he and Val are still together!

Re: Spirit of London

The Sun Princess did the Pilot, I recall Karen Valentine as one of the stars of the show, I was her Wine Waiter for the Cruise she was on when filming the pilot programme. Would never have guessed at the time what a success the show would go on to be. Martin Hawker, Deputy Purser I think at the time appeared in a later show as well. I guess quite a few other Officers and Crew also appeared over the years. Did Gus Sexton, Cruise Director also appear ?

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