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The purple Braid

A recent post mentioning a women's weekly cruise has woken a few brain cells.

A lovely lady once gave me an article from an Australian magazine, two page spread on a cruising holiday. Thought it was ''women's weekly'' but cannot find it there, more likely a 'younger' magazine.

In this article it went through the cruise holiday, ports, entertainment and such but there was a paragraph on ship's officers and the colour of their braid. It went something along the lines of .. if you meet one with red, then it is red for danger, the ships doc..if you see green he will tell you its green for go... if you fancy being rich then go for the white braid, the pursers... but ladies watch out if you meet someone with purple braid - you are up against a true professional,an engineer, the difference being where the rest of the officers think they are Gods gift to women, this guy knows he is, stay clear!

Carried the article around for donkeys years!

Re: The purple Braid

Looks like an accurate assessment ...