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Pricess Majestic

Just seen the aptly named Princess Majestic entering Sydney. Doesn't look like a ship.

Re: Pricess Majestic

Re the Princess Majestic , I agree with you, none of them look like ships any more .This Sunday 3 large liners docked in Gibraltar the 85639 ton Costa Mediterranea ( with what looks like a tin can for a funnel, must have been an after thought ) dropping off 2114 passengers,the 137936 ton MSC Prezioa with 4345 passengers and the 125366 ton Celebrity Reflection with 3046 passengers. I think one of the Princesses have arrived this morning.
Its good for the economy but some shop owners stick to their regular trading hours missing out on hundreds of pounds of extra revenue, but that is Gibs mentality it need to join the 21 century not live in the old days.