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Great News

Hi Steve

Thank you very much for reopening the Seadogs website. It was a lovely surprise when I clicked on it by accident and up it came. I’ll now have to get back to the habit of clicking on every time I use the comp. Let’s now hope all those ex--engineers come up with some tales of their ships. I just recently I got in touch with the supy 1st Ref Engr David Relf who did the maiden voyage on the Canberra.

All the very best

Roger Monk Carthage, Surat, Perim, Strathmore, Himalaya, Somali.

Where are you from: Wilmington Dartford Kent

Re: Great News

Great News . What a great suprise I have just looked on the empty space for the Seadogs and Lo and behold Magic the site is back in operation . Thank you very very much for reviving it. The site really has been a big miss . I hope that t everyone involved are in good Health . I really thought we had loss the site for ever. . Great News

Where are you from: Silloth Cumbria England

Re: Great News

Brilliant, thanks Steve

Where are you from: Sunshine Coast, Qld

Re: Great News

Barry ( Ben ) has to be Dover ? IP/ PP ? Can’t remember where 😀

Where are you from: Vancouver via Belfast