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Sea dogs

I am interested how far your sea dogs history goes?
My father first sailed on Orient Lines in 1935, and left the sea in 1953.
I have traced all his travel across the second world war-to each date of convoys/voyages
interested if you have similar history

Where are you from: Australia

Re: Sea dogs

What you say Steve may well be true, we are all getting older. However the Site still has a good Captain at the helm.

Where are you from: origially Gosport then Sydney now Campbelltown

Re: Sea dogs

My father first went to sea in 1932 at the age of 16 and served throughout WWII, he eventually retired, from cross channel ferries, in 1980.
I first went to sea in 1968 on a cargo ship on the Red Sea and India run, I transferred to passenger division in 1970 and stayed until 2004 when I retired on medical grounds, a good life but I don't think that I do it now.

Where are you from: Southampton

Re: Sea dogs


My late father Don Cole (Snr) had a similar history and time line to your father with Oriant line.
You can read it in his profile in Seadogs A-Z.
Sadly he passed last September.

Where are you from: Barrow

Re: Sea dogs

Hi Steve - Social media may be out there but you'd be surprised at how many old ship-mates still check in to your brillaiant web site. Lots of colleagues were disappointed when it went off-line so keep your chin up your'e not forgotten. I don't add much to the site but check it out every day to see what is happening in our world.

Re: Sea dogs

I recently resigned from the Princess Cruises Facebook site.
99% of the posts, I don't know the people involved. They are
all mid 1980's up through early 2000's.

This site has entries of people I know of, and/or people I once
sailed with. A much better experience ...

Where are you from: Indianapolis, Indiana. USA

Re: Sea dogs

It is mostly from 70's & 80's, but surely if someone has stuff relating to early days they can put it on. Before my time, but there are others who may have an interest. Don't let go of the helm Steve.

Where are you from: Vancouver via Belfast