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Where were you??

On the moon landing in 1969??? I was on Patonga, we were in Japan from New Zealand. We watched the landing in a dubious bar... However I was ashore at Yokohama, in the Motomashi arcade, when I walked straight into John Newton, 2nd Electician, off the Orsova... Needless to say a few beers were consumed... But the odds on meeting like that???

Where are you from: Saundersfoot Pembrokeshire

Re: Where were you??

I was on leave from Cannanore so managed to see it at home luckily.

Where are you from: Southampton

Re: Where were you??

I was in the last year of my five year apprenticeship at Cockatoo Island Dockyard in Sydney Harbour. I took a sickie to watch the Moon landing on TV. I was home by myself.

A year later, I was an Engineer on Oriana.

Where are you from: Bilgola Plateau - Sydney Northern Beaches

Re: Where were you??

I was in the Bay of Biscay on the "Orcades" on our way to Funchal, Madeira having left Southampton the day before on the 19th July for a Mediterranean cruise.

Where are you from: Bonbeach, Victoria, Australia formerly Devon UK

Re: Where were you??

The day they walked on the Moon was my 15th Birthday. Our class were all in a french lesson at the Lakes School near Windermere. A TV had been wheeled into the room for us all to watch this momentous occasion.
Yes work it out I was 65 yesterday. Cannot believe where the last 50 years have gone to.

Re: Where were you??

The lunar module Eagle landed at 20.17 hours on 20/7/1969 GMT and Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon at 03.56 hours on 21/7/1969 GMT.
I was a 3rd year apprentice at British Steel in Port Talbot and had sat up all night watching the proceedings on a TV that you had to whack every 5 minutes to stop the picture rolling,
My birthday was the following day 22/7, happy birthday David.

Where are you from: South Wales

Re: Where were you??

The memory fades but....... I remember serving a meal on the Chusan, and the announcement came over and said " The USA has effected a landing on the moon"... To which there was spontaneous applause.

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