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Meeting up after forty four years.

I first sailed with Linda Tattershall (aka Lovelace) on Oriana. Then again in 1975 on Island Princess and had not seen Linda since that time forty four years ago. Yesterday we met up and had a great afternoon remembering the great times we had and trying to remember the names of people we sailed with. Both of us agreeing that the great times of working at sea are long gone.

Where are you from: Wilmington. East Sussex

Re: Meeting up after forty four years.

Was her sister called Sheila?
I remember that lady very much indeed.
Unrequited love unfortunately. LOL.

Re: Meeting up after forty four years.

Yes Geoff,Linda and Sheila are sisters. Sheila visited Linda and stayed for a few days a number of years back. A number of us including Kevin Morgan and myself had drinks with her and her husband at the Oaks Hotel in Neutral Bay, in Sydney. I am in contact with Linda via e-mail and phone.

Where are you from: Originally Bournemouth UK but resident on the Northern Beaches of Sydney since 1974