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Meeting up after forty four years.

I first sailed with Linda Tattershall (aka Lovelace) on Oriana. Then again in 1975 on Island Princess and had not seen Linda since that time forty four years ago. Yesterday we met up and had a great afternoon remembering the great times we had and trying to remember the names of people we sailed with. Both of us agreeing that the great times of working at sea are long gone.

Re: Meeting up after forty four years.

Was her sister called Sheila?
I remember that lady very much indeed.
Unrequited love unfortunately. LOL.

Re: Meeting up after forty four years.

Yes Geoff,Linda and Sheila are sisters. Sheila visited Linda and stayed for a few days a number of years back. A number of us including Kevin Morgan and myself had drinks with her and her husband at the Oaks Hotel in Neutral Bay, in Sydney. I am in contact with Linda via e-mail and phone.

Re: Meeting up after forty four years.

Hello Keith after a long time.
It is now almost fifty five years since we all were at sea together.
I cannot believe it has been so long, us young men and women that took those ships around the world, are all pensioners, or dead and gone now.
Memories are great things, aren't they?

Re: Meeting up after forty four years.

I first met up with Linda along with 5 other trainee WAP's based at Beaufort House, including Katie Smith (Nee Shalcross) at St Katherines Docks, London, mid 70's, when I, as an Eng Cadet along with a few others, had to take my Lifeboat Certificate. All the girls turned up and got changed into white Boiler suits and had to row for us in an old ship's lifeboat and obey our orders. They did the job admirably, and I duly passed the exams. (Is it still valid?)

St. Katherine's Docks then was a basin of empty red brick warehouses with a "Sea Training School" as the only active building. Having visited it some 10 years ago for Oaksey's reunion at Wapping, it has changed somewhat and is now a highly sought after and VERY expensive area!!

I later sailed on Canberra and met up with Linda again, and also Katie on Sun Princess just after she married Eric Smith, who was then 3rd Eng on my watch, a year later.

Wonderful memories!