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Pete Edwards

Does anyone know what happened to Pete Edwards (Cornish) ex Himalaya and Arcadia - I think.
He joined Himalaya the same time as John Cooney.
The last I heard he had a water treatment company out in western Sydney.
He was looking to buy a house from friends of mine, Barry and Jill Shackleton, near Windsor.
I’d like to have a beer with him.

Re: Pete Edwards

I , Dougie Cruikshank, TT Conlin and Ken Forsfold will be having lunch wit Peter next Monday 28th at the Orient Hotel in Sydney . I will get you his contact

Re: Pete Edwards

Hope you all have a great mini reunion at the Oriet on 28th Oct . Give my regards to everyone . Ex Oronsay . Arcadia !Oriana Chusan Orsova Pando Strait. Canberra . IP SP & PP.

Re: Pete Edwards

Hope you guy's have a good time ...

I was a short termer on the Arcadia (Aug - Dec 1978)
Even shorter time on Uganda, before spending the
rest of my time as a regular on the Sun Princess.

I remember being on 8-12 with Glen and Dougie. Glen,
Boiler suit legs still short? (Bay City Char Sahib)

Spent about 4 weeks on 12-4 with Cornish and Rushy.

Earlier this year Mark (Igor) Proctor stopped by Indy for
a visit. He lives in St Louis. We got together for dinner
and drinks etc.

Its hard to imagine that we are all 40 years down the road.
I was in UK Aug/Sept this year and am going for another
visit, last two weeks of November.

Anyway, great to see you all still around and as I wrote earlier
have a great reunion.