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The late Bryan Robert Flower-Ellis

It is with deep regret that I inform you that Bryan Robert Flower-Ellis 1st Engineer Officer on T.E.V. Canberra, born 10th July 1943 passed away on the 8th October 2019. Bryan married Lya nee-Leenknegt, a Dutch WAP. His funeral was held in Southampton Crematorium on Monday 11th November 2019.

Best regards
Jim Powell

Re: The late Bryan Robert Flower-Ellis

By god, Jim.
I remember you from your first trip, all those years ago.
It is great to see how well you have done.

Re: The late Bryan Robert Flower-Ellis

RIP Bryan. Thank you for leading the 4-8 watch keeping team during my brief two months on TEV "CANBERRA". Marvelous breakfasts with creme de menthe frappes..... the best restaurants ashore in port for lunch .... and entertaining evenings! A great guy and a good engineer. JPG