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Greasy Spoon

Myself, Dick Stone, Alan Sainbury and Andy Westwood arrived back in Sydney in December 74 after taking the Himalaya to scrap.
There was a P&O get together at a pub in Balmain (not sure of the date but mid 70s).
There were Mates, Stewards, Deck crew, Pursers and Engineers.
There was a restaurant attached to the pub called “The Greasy Spoon “ and I think the pub was called Dick’s .
I think Dick may have been a Head Waiter or alike.
Can anybody help ?

Re: Greasy Spoon

Yes Taffy, the pub was called Dicks Hotel and was run by an ex Head Barman I believe. It was and still is in Beattie Street Balmain and was a regular yearly gathering of ex P&O mariners. The wife of the licensee used to get up and start singing in the afternoons after she and all the rest of us had consumed a few drinks. The get together was organised by an ex purser and his wife who was also an ex WAP.