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Re: What was your "Captain's Cocktails" name?

I can’t say that I ever used a name other than my own at Captain’s cocktails but I remember when I joined SS Arcadia in August 1969 we had a 3rd engineer whose opening gambit was “ my name is ———— perhaps you’ve heard of me or seen my face In the brochure?” He had apparently been in shot when the Company were taking photographs for the P & O brochure. Funnily enough it seemed to have the desired effect in the wheeling in department.
Does anyone else out there remember who this was?

Re: What was your "Captain's Cocktails" name?

"Rock" or "Rocky" was quite popular with the junior leckies I seem to remember!!
Well done Malcolm for remembering this particular prank of ours, I had almost forgotten about it!

Re: What was your "Captain's Cocktails" name?

There were a lot of "Bruces" Ozzy cruising (and of course Sheilas.