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Re: Dock Staff Donkey Boiler.

Keith Radford
Geoff a visit to the Duke of Boot was a necessity when in Sumtumtum, numerous ocassions in fact with all the pennies on the bar top.
Yes Keith, that always the first port of call after arrival.
We used to take passengers who had become friends on the homeward voyage there as their first taste of England.
Sadly, there are very few pubs like that left.
Over the past ten years they have gradually all closed, and most towns and cities have been taken over by faceless drinking warehouse called Wetherspoons, which are desperate places to spend any time in.

Re: Dock Staff Donkey Boiler.

If I remember correctly, there was a "Log-Bok" to record loads of information. A green Engineer would then be told to go and get the readings - there was only one reading?